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entertainment archery target face

Entertainment Archery Target Face

Quick details:
1.large size: 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 122cm diameter
2.max 6 color printing available
3.Price: factory price
4.Place of origin: China
5.Color: max 6 color printing available
6.Usage: game, entertainment, training


1.Real Factory, we can give you low price, avoid cost from middleman;
2.Manufacturing since 2000, rich experience, super large picture available from us, give you big entire picture printing;
3.Rigorous pre-Exwork inspection;
4.Special ordered large format printing and processing machine, be able to print large size figure.


Max 6 color printing 40cm-122cm dia target face, the printing size got international standard, it is widely used in games and entertainment.


We have got special fitted printing machine, able to print special size pictures for you, max picture size 1.6meters width by 1.8meters length, which means we have big diameter plate roller to print large image.
Material: Paper, Paper/PE etc;

Logo and figures: custom design;


Process of production:
Image design file you provided  - Plate making - Proof reading - Printing - Checking and Inspecting - Ex-work

Market exported:
America, Australia, UK, Demark, Netherlands, France etc.


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entertainment archery target face